★To prevent the spread of emergency declarations (extensions)
 Ayabe Onsen will be closed on the following dates.

 ◎ Holiday period From April 26, 3rd year of Reiwa (Monday) to May 31st, 3rd year of Reiwa (Monday)

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding.

Give customers peace of mind! Ayabe Onsen that we are aiming for


Due to the announcement (extension) of the state of emergency, the entire building will be closed until May 31st.We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers.

AYABE ONSEN is located in Satoyama in Kyoto Northern Part.
You can enjoy the beautiful Satoyama landscape from your room or hot spring.
Cherry blossoms in spring, fresh green in summer, sea of ​​clouds in autumn, snow scene in winter.Not only sightseeing, but business travelers are also very convenient at the locations of Ayabe city, Maizuru, Takahama and Obama all within an hour.
Please heal the fatigue of your body and mind.

At Ayabe Onsen, we pursue social distances and pursue the peace of mind of our customers.

  • You can use bathing, restaurant, shop pay pay

    Now you can bathe without bath.

  • Congestion status standard graph

    Weekday congestion is low.

    The congestion situation on the day is 0773-55-0262 Please call us.

  • The large labyrinth maze has opened!

    Please click the playable hot spring video at the bottom right.

Orders over the phone, orders on the spot, and take-out lunch boxes have increased!

  • Takeaway lunch from 500 yen Rice uses Koshihikari from a local contract farmer!

    ◎Reservation required
    ●Beef sukiyaki style lunch (500 yen) tax included New menu

    ●Kambayashi chicken Nanban lunch (500 yen) tax included

    ●Ayabe Onsen bento (500 yen) tax included

    ●Healthy ladies' lunch (500 yen) tax included

    ●Mega heap Neapolitan hamburg (650 yen) tax included

    ●Thick cut pork cutlet lunch     (650 yen) Tax included New menu

    For more information, please call TEL 0773-55-0262

  • Advantageous cake set One drink free

    One drink is free for customers who enjoy cake in the store
  • Hinode's open-air bath and patisserie cake debuted

How about a sweets girls' party with a bargain bar set?

  • An OB company's mom friend and OB uncle joined the hot spring sweets girls' association!

  • Princess joins in

  • After receiving your order, inject the cream (crispy) 330 yen(Tax included)

Facility information

  • Giant Maze March 28, 2021(Open on Sundays! )

    The only huge maze in Kansai for families will open next to the tennis court.
    Playground equipment rental is also available.
    Please enjoy with the campsite.

    A labyrinth and huge maze with a total area of 1300㎡!

    600 yen/adult
    4th grade to junior high school 300 yen
    Family discount (up to 4 people) 1000 yen
  • I started the campsite

    Overnight camping    3,000 yen(Tax included)
    One-day camp 1500 yen(Tax included)

    There is also a camping equipment rental menu empty-handed.
    Please contact me

  • National Treasure Niomon Curry Series 2nd Uebayashi Chicken Niomon Yellow Curry New 440 yen(Tax included)

    The original retort curry using local Kambayashi Chicken (the second in the Nioumon curry series) has been completed. 440 yen(Tax included)

    Please use it as a specialty gift of Ayabe Onsen as well as Kyoto Beef Nioumon red curry.

    The seasoning is medium spicy with an emphasis on umami, so it is easy for anyone to eat.
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10 Zainomukai, Mutsuyori Town, Ayabe City, Kyoto Prefecture

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30 minutes by getting off at JR Ayabe Station, bus or taxi. Ayabe IC 30 minutes by car from Ayabe IC.

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