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Kaiseki Meal

Enjoy genuine luxury.I would like to deliver it more reasonably  

Handcrafted hospitality is the kind of hospitality we can do.
It is not a fashionable place, but I would like to be a resort for visiting customers!

With ingredients born in this place ...Rice uses local contract farmer Koshihikari

  • Service only for value girls! , Ladies only special course

    A value course for women only, 4 or more! 3,500 JPY(tax excluded)
    Western food chefs with high-quality ingredients and local ingredients for all 8 items Chef Flame course

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    • We are delivering bento to companies! There is a delivery area Please contact us
      The rice uses Koshihikari, a local farmer (Mr. Kamabe).

      ◎Kanbayashi Chicken Nanban Bento ¥500(Tax included)
      ◎Beef sukiyaki-style lunch 500 yen(Tax included)
      ◎Ladies lunch    500 yen(Tax included)
      ◎ Ayabe Onsen bento ¥500(Tax included)
      ◎Thick cut pork cutlet lunch 650 yen(Tax included)
      ◎ Beef rib bibimbap lunch 650 yen(Tax included)
      ◎ Yangnyeom Chicken Bibimbap Bento 650 yen(Tax included)
      ◎ Eel lunch        700 yen(Tax included)· · ·On Sale for a Limited Time Only
      ◎ Una beef lunch      950 yen(Tax included)· · ·On Sale for a Limited Time Only

    • Eel lunch (for a limited time) 800 yen(Tax included)
      Ayabe Onsen eel and homemade omelet rolls collaborated.
    • Eel beef lunch (for a limited time) 1000 yen(Tax included)
      Stamina bento to prevent summer heat fatigue with eel and beef ribs
    • Beef rib bibimbap lunch(650 yen tax included)
      Please stir and enjoy
    • Takeaway / Ayabe Onsen Bento(500 yen tax included)
      Use Kambayashi Chicken for fried chicken!

    • Takeaway beef sukiyaki-style bento(500 yen tax included)
      Rice is 280g full of volume
    • Takeaway / health ladies' lunch(500 yen tax included)
      10 grain rice is blended with rice
    • Takeaway / Uebayashi chicken nanban bento(500 yen tax included)
      The most popular Uebayashi chicken nanban.
    • Takeaway / thick-sliced pork cutlet lunch(650 yen tax included)
      Tonkatsu is a thick slice
    • Kambayashi chicken spicy fried chicken lunch
      New release in November
      700 JPY(Tax included)
    • Kyoto Wagyu Beef Nioumon Red Curry Bento(spicy)
      750 JPY(Tax included)
    • Uebayashi chicken yellow curry lunch(Medium spicy)
      550 JPY(Tax included)
    • Ayabe Matcha Seafood Green Curry Bento(Sweet)
      600 JPY(Tax included)
  • Family restaurant menu (11:00 to 20:30) 18:30 Last order

    In addition to pictures, there is also a one menu menu etc. in the menu.
    • Tomato cheese fondue pot (winter only) in preparation
      Cheese fondue is very popular with women.
      Homemade tomato soup with plenty of delicious local vegetables
      Please enjoy together.

      We accept orders from 2 servings for 2178 yen (tax included) per person
      2178 yen per person (tax included)(Photo for 2 people)
    • Autumn King Kamameshi of Matsutake mushrooms for a limited time(Autumn only)
      It takes about 20 minutes to cook at your table.
      Please enjoy the excitement until cooking and the scent of the moment of cooking with the excitement of the autumn scenery.

      1848 yen(Tax included)
      1848 yen(Tax included)
    • Recommended··Kambayashi chicken kamameshi (Japanese rice pilaf) famous Kambayashi chicken kamameshi (Japanese rice pilaf)
      We will cook from rice at your table, so it will take 20 minutes.The excitement of the steaming spring and the impression of the moment of cooking are satisfactory that only customers who ordered with the view of Yamazato can receive it.
      1628 yen(Tax included)
    • Uebayashi chicken curry fried chicken  
      The second of the original Nioumon curry is Kambayashi Chicken and chicken curry, which is a curry stewed with local Kambayashi Chicken and topped with fried Kambayashi chicken.
      It is a curry that is appreciated by children and adults with an emphasis on umami and less spiciness.
      1078 yen(Tax included)
    • Local curry!   Kyoto Beef Dry/Niomon Cutlet Curry
      Ayabe Onsen nearby attractions, your local curry of National Treasure Niomon has been newly released.  Spicy cutlet curry using luxuriously Japanese Kyoto Beef.
      Please enjoy the combination of the thickness of tonkatsu and the delicious curry of Kyoto Beef.

      Recommended by Kyoto in the forest
      A local gourmet in Kyoto.
      1408 yen(Tax included)
    • Add hot spring barrel udon tempura
      Sanuki Udon's Koshi stand out.  It is accompanied by the proud tempura.
      1628 yen(Tax included)
    • Niomon beef hamburger loco moco rice bowl
      150g handmade beef hamburger and hot spring egg are the best match
      968 yen(Tax included)
    • Niomon Red Curry Udon
      We made local curry collaborate with our additive-free soup stock.
      Nihonmon Curry's dry spice matches the homemade udon
      It was deliciously finished.
      it's recommended.
      1100 yen(Tax included)
    • Fried Kambayashi Chicken Set Meal
      The fried chicken set meal of the most popular local chicken was volume UP.
      1628 yen(Tax included)
    • Thick cut juicy tonkatsu set meal
      It is a ripened pork cutlet that can be eaten.
      Soft and juicy are popular.
      1518 yen(Tax included)
    • Hometown hospitality restaurant
      Super reasonable! At this price this content would be worth purposing for a day-trip hot spring.
      1848 yen(Tax included)
    • Rib steak set menu
      It is sent directly from a meat shop handling brand Kyoto Beef. The style that you bake yourself is like a roasted meat!

      100g:2068 yen(Tax included)
      200g:2948 yen(Tax included)
    • Thick sliced loin and rice
      Thick cut loin pork cutlet and egg are excellent compatibility
      1100 yen(Tax included)
    • Ankake Kambayashi Chicken and egg bowl of Kambayashi Chicken
      Takaka Oyakodon, However, parent and child rice bowl.
      Kambayashi chicken and egg rice bowl omelet can only be eaten at Ayabe Onsen.
      1100 yen(Tax included)
    • Original beef hamburger and shrimp fry set
      The strongest Western food menu of hand-prepared shrimp and original hamburger has become popular even in hot spring inns in the country.
      1628 yen(Tax included)
    • Kambayashi chicken udon/soba (homemade·No additive soup)
      The compatibility of the specialty Kambayashi Chicken with Ayabe Onsen secret sushi is preeminent and is most popular.
      880 yen(Tax included)
    • Sukiyaki flavored beef udon/Soba(Homemade, additive-free soup stock)
      Carefully selected beef is seasoned with sukiyaki flavor
      Excellent compatibility with additive-free soup stock prepared by Ayabe Onsen
      880 yen(Tax included)
    • Temple of wine Udon / Soba(homemade·No additive soup)
      The soup of the chief chef secret is a reputation with a gentle taste blended with Hokkaido kombu and Maizuru kelp.Tempura vegetables, of course, which local morning used.
      968 yen(Tax included)
    • Specialty Tochi mochi zenzai 550 yen(Tax included)
    • Summer feast! Unaju July-October
      After all, eel is the perfect summer treat!
      Please enjoy with the secret sauce of the chief chef!
      2728 yen(Tax included)
  • Kaiseki menu menu

    Kaiseki cuisine is 4400 yen
    We accept from (tax included).

    For accommodations and banquets, ...!

    • The autumn of Tamba is Matsushima
      Potatoes of matsutake are Ayabe Onsen and Yokozuna in autumn.
    • Kambayashi, Local huntsman, Of peony pot
      From autumn to winter it is not exaggeration to say that it is a very special place in this region!
      Okukyoto, but it is also a Tamba area.

      Of the negative ion full open, Okukyoto, Kambayashi, sandwiched by the neighboring seas
      Sea and mountain collaboration cuisine was realized.
    • Special Kaiseki

       ★Matsutake mushroom cooking cuisine, Market price
    • Nabe course
       ★Kyoto Beef sukiyaki course 7150 yen, luxuriously using Japanese beef from the Kyoto region!

       ★Kambayashi Chicken Sukiyaki Course from 4950 yen
         Sukiyaki is Kambayashi Chicken.

       ★Crab Pit course       From 6600 yen to December to February

       ★Botan nabe course 7150 yen Please enjoy the fresh meat delivered by the local hunter after making your reservation

       ★Iberico pork's harihari hot pot 5830 yen Full course of Iberian pork highest rank Bellota
    • Closing time may be shortened due to request for business hours in Kyoto Prefecture

      Business hours

      From 11:00 to 18:30(Order stop)
             Closed at 20:30